Dynamic QR Code Generator and QR Code Scanner nulled script free download

November 2, 2021

Dynamic QR Code Generator and QR Code Scanner nulled script free download

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Dynamic QR Code Generator

Gone the days of static QR codes which did not allow to change the destination of the QR code when scanned. Dynamic QR codes are the need of the hour which allow to change the destination address to which the QR code is redirected. Here, you don’t need to reprint the code once you have changed the address. Dynamic QR codes are much in demand, especially in industries such as finance, retail, stores, ecommerce and many more.

Dynamic QR Code generator is a solution that helps create editable QR Codes, which means, one can change the destination URL, without changing the QR Code. This QR Code generator also helps track the QR Code performance in real-time. You can be a perfect qr code maker through this. The app is designed by Elsner Technologies and has some amazing features to rely on. Create dynamic QR codes easily and effortlessly for your business requirements with this powerful dynamic QR code generator app.

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  1. Create dynamic QR codes
  2. Design your customized QR codes along with logo
  3. Reusable QR code
  4. Edit the QR code URL without changing the QR code on your print or digital materials.
  5. Track your QR code scanned
  6. Flexibility of changing the URL of the QR Code
  7. Unlimited URL changes
  8. Interchangeable QR Code type

### Pre-requisites

– Install npm and nodeJs https://nodejs.org/

$ node—version

– Must be npm version >= 6.x

$ npm—version

– Must be npm version >= 12.x

## Front-end server

This project was generated with [Angular CLI] https://github.com/angular/angular-cli – version 8.2.2.

– Install required dependencies

$ cd angular

$ npm install -g @angular/cli

$ npm install

## Back-end server

### Run Node Server

$ cd node

– Install required dependencies

$ npm install

– Start server

$ npm start

Dynamic QR code generator…

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