Gastro 2.x – Restaurant Extension for NexoPOS 3.x nulled script free download

November 3, 2021

Gastro 2.x – Restaurant Extension for NexoPOS 3.x nulled script free download

Gastro 2.x - Restaurant Extension for NexoPOS 3.x - 1

Important : This project is an extension. It requires to have a valid copy of NexoPOS 3.x to work. Please make sure to have purchased NexoPOS before using Gastro.

Gastro is a Restaurant extension for NexoPOS 3.x. It provides a bunch of features designed to ease restaurant management from the stock management, the table management to the kitchen management. It includes 2 new roles which are Waiters (who can place orders) and chefs who can handle orders sent to the kitchen.

Who Can Use Gastro?

Gastro is designed for small (Fast Food) & large restaurants with a huge workload. The setting available makes it easy to adjust Gastro to your restaurant needs. For instance, you can disable the kitchen screen, if you would like only to use Kitchen printing; you can create multiple kitchens or just use one kitchen that handles all the orders; you can restrict what a waiter can do and have full control on how your restaurant is working.

Sometimes, you’ll have a customer willing to pay for another customer order. This could be made by joining both orders together, and this is possible on Gastro.

Most of the time, a waiter will confuse the table and place an order on the wrong table or your customer might want to change their table once they have placed an order. Gastro allows you to move an order from one table to another in a very smoth way.

Core Features

  • Table & Area Management
  • Waiter & Chef Role
  • Multiple Kitchens & Printing
  • Items Modifiers
  • Kitchen Screen with vocal notification
  • Waiter Screen
  • Order Split, Merge and Moving
  • Orders Types: Dine In, Take Away, Delivery
  • Fast Printing with Nexo Print Server

Table Management

With Gastro, you can create as many tables and seats as your restaurant has. On each table, for the Dine in as order type, you can place orders and monitor when the order has been placed and since how many time the table is occupied. You can even monitor if a meal is ready or not. If the customer change his mind, you can cancel a meal. Learn More

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Note: You can download nulled script free without updates [ Guaranty No Virus ].

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