Shopping Mentor nulled script free download

October 31, 2021

Shopping Mentor nulled script free download

See Front-end Demo
See Back-end Demo
User: shoppingmentor
Password: [email protected]

Key Features  

  • Easy Installation
  • Admin can easily Enable/Disable the module
  • Admin can set various design settings for front-end filters
  • Admin can add filters in desired cms page or category page
  • Admin can add image with filter options (categories)


Confused! What to Buy? Here is Your Shopping Mentor!

Shopping Mentor is a tool which will guide you at the time of making a purchase online. Our mentor will make your purchase precise and worthy depending on your requirement.

Our mentor will firstly ask you certain questions related to your requirements. With every questions, it will provide 4-5 options to choose. After that, it will analyze your entire requirement and offers you a few of the specific items that will perfectly match your requirement and makes it easy for you to choose from.

For example, you are having an e-commerce store consisting of thousands of apparels. Using this extension, you can ask your customers a few questions like, What you are looking for : Shirts or T-Shirts? Which color? Which brand? What price range? etc…Based on the customers input, this extension presents near to perfect products matching the customers need.

How to use?

in admin, Smart Filters -> Manage Smart Filter here while adding a New Item. Give a name of filter. Then select the cms page or category on which you want to show the filters. Then in Step 1 there will be a question’s box and a list of top categories as options to the question. Select the categories you want to show in filters. Here it is compulsory to select at-least 2 options to go into the next step.

Whatever options (categories) you select here, if that category/categories having sub-categories then in next step you will get it’s sub-categories as the options and like wise the steps go ahead. Finally submit and go to front-end in the page you selected above to see the filters.


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Note: You can download nulled script free without updates [ Guaranty No Virus ].

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