VB.Net DAL Generator nulled script free download

October 30, 2021

VB.Net DAL Generator nulled script free download

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VB.Net DAL Generator is a .net desktop application that generates VB.Net Data Access Layer for SQL Server and MS Access databases. The purpose of this application is to make software development easy. It creates VB.Net classes (one per table) that contain methods for CRUD operations. The generated code can be used in web as well as desktop apps.

All our Code Generators for PHP, C#, VB.Net and Entity Framework (without source).
All our Code Generators for PHP, C#, VB.Net and Entity Framework (with source code).

Video Demo:

Click here to view the video demo.


  • It creates VB.Net classes (one for each table).
  • Supports SQL Server and MS Access.
  • The class contains all columns of the table as properties.
  • Data types have been handled nicely.
  • Creates methods for CRUD operations.
  • Sorting has been handled.
  • Pagination has been handled (SQL Server only).
  • Primary key is automatically detected for each table.
  • Composite primary key is supported.
  • Nullable columns have been handled.
  • Identity column has been handled.
  • Timestamp column has been handled.
  • Completely indented code is generated.
  • The generated code can be used in both desktop and web applications.
  • All the following data types of SQL Server are supported:
    char, nchar, varchar, nvarchar, text, ntext, xml, decimal, numeric,
    money, smallmoney, bit, binary, image, timestamp, varbinary, date,
    datetime, datetime2, smalldatetime, datetimeoffset, time, bigint,
    int, smallint, tinyint, float, real, uniqueidentifier, sql_variant

Sample Application:

A sample web application has also been provided that is using the generated code. In this application one form (for employees) has been created. This app uses the generated data access layer without modifying a single line in the generated code.

Generated Code:

  • VB.Net Class: For each table one VB.Net class is created that contains all…

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Note: You can download nulled script free without updates [ Guaranty No Virus ].

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